My background is a confluence of creativity: a family of artists, a childhood of crayons and a French degree in Visual Communication; and construct: a circle of engineers, middle school math olympiads and a Harvard degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

This comes through in my creative work – I take as much time studying the big picture of brand vision, goals and image, as I do ensuring that the word-count per line of a client presentation is optimised for reading and retention.

Functional Design

I am not the first to advocate the idea, but I am conscious as I design that what I create has a functional purpose. Design, unlike art, is a means of creating comprehension, conversion, conversation or capability. The aesthetic choices I make, such as font, colour or scale; and the structures I propose, such as architectures and systems, are all driven by a vision to create experiences that are intelligible, memorable and meaningful.

Creative Consulting

Whilst I enjoy the creative challenge of design, I strive to build efficient systems which are ergonomic, human and make end-user experiences better, to ultimately optimise performance. This can range from something as simple as designing and structuring palatable spreadsheets to more complex processes such as setting up data collection automation, recommending just-right software and developing multi-site generators.

Diverse clientele

I work with clients across sectors and the globe. This is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the work I do: the conversations and insights I gain into everything from industrial steel fabrication to private equity to sustainable tourism and even children’s clothes. I have worked with startups and young businesses as well as with large corporations and industry stalwarts. With clients across the Americas, Europe and Asia, work is always an adventure.

Ansa Services
Ashu Khanna
Aurus Legal
Avid Heaters
Axians (VINCI Energies)
Bharat Furnishings
BNP Paribas
Colgate Palmolive
Cream Centre (Prince Cuisines)
Cricket Club of India

Cuddles for Cubs
Dassault Aviation
Dassault Systemes
Ecole Intuit Lab
Eiffel Investment
EmStar LLC
Ice Cream Works
IMTT Terminals
Maher Terminals
Naval Group
Nutrition Refinery

Rubis Terminals
Shaktipeeth Digital
Sil Foods
Truebyl (Usha Martin Tech)
Udan Khatola
Usha Brecco
VINCI Groupe
Zembly (Wisembly)

Beyond design

I am passionate about mathematics (specifically theoretical mathematics — think linear algebra), I enjoy dabbling with code (anything from PHP and JS to Python), I like to build efficient systems (my Google Sheets and Notion have as much design input as any project) and I spend time teaching and exploring instructional design (because I love teaching, and I think there is massive scope to create magic in learning environments).

I live in Paris, but travel as much as the calendar lets me — places that I have been capturing in black and white. I am constantly on the hunt for great restaurants, smooth coffee, beautiful books and spectacular views.