designer, mathematician, traveller, ponderer

Bonjour! I’m a classic academic nerd who was going to be a material scientist, diplomat or professional chef, but instead fled down the design corridor. I’m wrapping up a diploma in Visual Communication from école intuit.lab in Mumbai, where I learnt about branding, typography, CMYK and RGB; how procrastination is often key to inspiration; and that computers always take longer to render than they say they will.

I’m also a bit (a lot) of a theoretical math geek and have recently become an undergraduate student at Harvard University’s Extension School, majoring in Mathematics – a subject I might someday teach. I co-founded Four, a short-format talk and social event organisation; work as a trainer for MUNCafe – teaching students about research, policy building and the art of diplomacy; and travel as much as the calendar lets me. Aside from all this, I enjoy making and eating good food; dappling with front-end code; going for long drives and soaking in sunshine.

If you know anything I should know (about design, math, coffee or otherwise) I’d love to hear!

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