How my Address became Home

It’s been more than a week since I checked in, and I’m trying to think back on what happened, only to discover that it’s somewhat a blur of ‘normal’. Even my camera roll is devoid of clues. 

Most of my projects were (are) in the wrap up phase. Sent off a dozen or so designs for the summer collection of soap, handing over (with constant client edits and additions) the eklore carnet (booklet) to exe, Sanex is going into field testing…so while all of these were going on in the week, it was also a somewhat slow week since it wasn’t heavy work. 

On the other hand my math course started. The online one. There’s a good chance it’ll kill me. Needs 12-15 hours a week by my calculation, without studying. Just classes and submissions. 

It was cool though – making friends with a whole new community of people this time, because it’s a ‘social’ math course (aka we have proof parties. Nerd level ‚ąě) 

By the time Friday rolled around I had zero work at office. Stephanie wasn’t there, so literally zero. Good thing it was a half day. We interns went out for a long lunch. Gossiped about boys, friends, rent, stupidity and the challenges of being 20 something (not to mention a subtly heated debate on Segways, technology and if the world will someday be like WallE). Quite proud that I can do all of that in French now. 

The evening…my aunt had already arrived home! We went out a bit. Also picked up my printer from the post office (don’t even ASK how it got there). So now I have a really really nice regular printer in my studio. Courtesy math course. 

After dinner with her I headed to pick up Mihir (my brother) – he was coming in from Spain! ūüėÄ 

Saturday. Saturday I had tickets with my aunt for maison objet!!! Very designer-y day. 

Long lunch with her and Mihir, and then we bought him a whole new wardrobe at H&M. Really. 

Dinner was Chez Les Clou√©, the family we know here. It’s pretty cool actually. Manuella and my aunt started off as pen pals, in their school days. They’re in their 50s now and best friends still! By now our families our friends too ūüôā

Sunday we did laziness level infinity. Mihir and I watched four movies at home (Jason Bourne marathon), ate Japanese dinner, and then went to the theatre for the fifth movie ?. 

‚Äč[wpvideo nCfxUDSp]‚Äč‚ÄčMonday back at work was great news. The client LOVED the summer edition designs ūüėÄ a few edits of course. Files gone back. Was so happy! 

The rest of this week has been mostly that ^. A lot of small projects for clients, editing designs that are underway and such. Bathroom cleaners, soaps, yogurts, Endless files for eklore… That’s still a semi-disaster in terms of files in the right formats. It’s okay we laughed a lot though ??

Oh oh we (Mihir and me) dined at ‘le relais de l’entrec√īt√©’ – alleggedly the best steak-frites in Paris. Better be since their menu starts and ends with that. It was good though, and a fun evening.

Mihir left this morning. Already feels like that was a week ago. Back to being just me. 

So perhaps the lack of photos and grand tales makes this post less interesting for you, but for me it means I’m no more a visitor. I don’t feel like one. This is home. 

Say hi to my new daily metro date ūüôā 

A tout!