When Wednesday’s start right 

You oversleep just a little and scramble to a Skype call with Yan. He says your interview went well (??), he loves reading your blog (???) and that your boss Frank is really happy with you (????).

You finish up your hot chocolate and banana and walk into your metro, and then you see this 

Two little boys with infectious laughter playing stone paper scissor (in French it sounds something like sheen-fo-din, have to learn the real words). So you’re watching. And you go a little like this ☺️? trying to hide that you’re looking and smiling, and then they’re laughing so you can’t help it ? and their mom notices you and smiles at you too and then you just can’t help it ?? you grin all the way to work leaving everyone on the way wondering what’s got the little foreign girl travelling by herself so happy. 

Stone paper scissors. A simple game from a long time ago when you were also just three feet tall and couldn’t believe the coincidence of both of you picking paper at the same time! 

To add to my good week, I got a new project at work. It’s not package design which has everyone at office uprooted. But it’s a book that’s part of a entire design we’re doing for a festival of employment later this year. 

Illustrations, layouts, photography…the works! 😀 

Oh oh oh. And I was so busy enjoying the weekend I forgot to report on it. 

Went to a James Bond exhibition at parc de la vilette. It was seriously cool! They not only had cool things, but they’d done it up really well. A room for Qs creations. A room for bonds greatest parties – with poker chips and gowns and suits on display. A maze of all his travels and the sets and costumes they used then. His passports, his cars…

And Sunday visited Musee d’orsay. The art was impressive, but that’s expected and not a lot was my type. But! The museum itself and the massive amount of natural light – I loved! 

So here’s to the rest of the week, staying as delicious as it has so far. 

PS – I made Brie stuffed tandoori mushrooms. Cause why not.