The good, the bad, the ugly 

The weekend

Rates 6.5/10

Mom came in Friday evening. And we kicked the weekend off with dinner chez Odile, la mère de mon oncle qui etait Parisienne. 

Saturday was big breakfast chez Cafe Varenne! 🙂 but after that…all house shopping ? groceries and kitchen supplies and sheets and bath mats eugh. 

Did dinner at the girls’ place (Vidhi, Elianna and Janani). That was fun! 

Sunday was sort of pointless. We went to many places but in none of them. Like a long train ride to some supposed flee market that we didn’t find. Another long train ride to check out the hostel I didn’t stay in. Another train ride to lunch. Lunch was some really good crepes near Montmartre 🙂 Lazed all afternoon. Wined and dined at home. 

We went for a long walk at night. Caught a bit of euro cheer and then non-cheer around the final match. 

[wpvideo pV1yvASw]​
The week 

Rates 8/10

Enjoyed work this week. Finished one project completely – client approved and done. 

Another project finished reworking after a group meeting review. Was super proud of myself for getting through that entire meeting singularly in French. 

Here’s my favourite sign at office 

Monday we did dinner chez les Cloué – a family here that I’ve gotten to know through my aunt. 

Tuesday evening we had a small terrace gathering with wine and snacks at office because an intern was leaving. It was really fun! I spoke to people a lot not-about-work. They have all agreed to constantly correct my French, so that I will leave not sounding like a student of French but more a native. They’re also teaching me local phrases :). They’re very nice and I’m glad I’m getting to know them as people. While many on the small team are French, the design team is almost entirely not-French. There’s me, India, there’s Alé – Iran, there’s Marco – Brazil, and there’s two freelancers one of whom is not French. 

There’s a new intern in marketing – she loves to cook and is tres sympa. I’m looking forward to co-interning with her. 

Wednesday was the most fun. Last day at work for the week. Finished everything I’d started, did one mini-project and got a new brief (for a poster). Doodled away my last hour at work because I had nothing more to do:

But but but. In the evening. After buying ingredients. Mom and I made buckwheat and then sweet crepes. Look!:

We also made one with chèvre and leeks but that photo didn’t work out …

Bastille day 

Rates ?/10

This is a confused one. Woke up late and ate a lovely brunch. Got a bunch of work done for Bombay clients which felt good to square away. Did fun shopping in the evening – including house things but at an awesome local chain called Hema. 

The evening all of us lab Mumbai interns here went to watch the fireworks at Eiffel Tower from trocadero. Waited forever but I must admit the fireworks displayed were pretty spectacular. 

Our cellphones on the way home alerted us to the events of Nice though, and after that it’s all a bit low. 

It’s terrible to be attacked on your national day. It’s terrible for so many people to die on any day. It’s terrible that someone would intentionally railroad people. It’s terrible that there are people out in the world celebrating the attack. It’s terrible that a once safe continent is in the throws of the same brutalities (or perhaps worse) of the wars of a century past. It’s terrible that one day students will probably study this period under a title similar to the Cold War, a period of ‘small’ attacks in cities and towns across the world – a constant battle on an uncertain battlefield. It’s terrible that the end of this hatred isn’t in sight. And it’s most terrible, that for so many of us when we swipe down the alert for such news, we glance, ^ rant, and then turn onward as though it is most normal for hundreds to be massacred in an evening. 

Onward I guess life must go though. And on that note, I’m onboard a Thalys train to Amsterdam where mom and I will catch up with dad. 

Until a better mood! Au revoir.