The end of a micro-era

I walked out from work yesterday and put on my headphones, the air was crisp, my fingers a little cold and my neck a little too warm, and the notes of the song just hit that point and suddenly walking down the street to the metro I was terribly terribly sad. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep and maybe it’s the very friendly few days I had and maybe it’s the thought of how much like home my studio has become, but I’m getting teary at the thought of leaving. And this is the same person who didn’t shed a tear saying goodbye to everyone in Bombay, didn’t cry at her graduation, didn’t cry when her best friends moved away…but this. 

I’m going to miss waking up to my quiet early early mornings to get through seemingly unsurmountable task lists. I’m going to miss the many mornings where in my semi-drowsy state I convinced myself that task list wasn’t important and turned over in bed (only to result in me running wildly in the hallways of Saint Lazare between line 12 and 3 to make it to work in the nick of time). I’m going to miss the summer mornings where I’d walk out to cheery people and closed shops and sun on my skin. I’ll miss even more the autumn mornings where almost no matter how late I woke up I could sit at my window seat with my coffee and watch the sun rise. 

I’m going to miss all the ‘café’s I told myself I shouldn’t have and had anyway. All the surprise petit-déjeuners at work. 

I’ll miss like crazy my morning ‘bonjour – salut – ‘ello’ ritual with everyone at the agence. I’ll miss the ‘pas terrible’ sushi lunches and the times everyone at work went out and ate together. I’ll even miss Sanex – dear old Sanex and it’s one million and one pictos. I’ll miss afternoons at work, by which time it takes far more music and coffee and conversation for all of us to pull through editing steaks and flowers of all sorts. I’ll miss Ann’s playlist, Haleh’s love and sarcasm and constant grumbling about becoming ‘vieux’, Marcos’s advice on cleaning, gardens and how everyone should have a manicure once a week (except me. I never should touch my fingers). I’ll miss Emma thinking out loud and teaching me the strangest vocabulary (the French have a VERB for throw someone out the window!). I’ll miss Stephanie’s ever concerned ‘ça va Mihika?’ and Frank not-so-discreetly peering over my screen with ambiguous ‘aaahhh’s. I’ll miss Yan’s random outbursts from a usual state of quiet brooding, and Guillaume giving us dietary wisdom every now and then. I already miss Corinne and Muriel who aren’t there right now.  I’ll miss the easy jokes with Nico and our common exasperation with the glitches of colour profiles and clients’ you-should-be-able-to-play-god requests. I’ll miss my lunchtime run ins with Françoise and Cecile. I’ll really, really, really miss the friendship I have with Fanny, Margot and Claire. 

I imagine this rant isn’t even interesting to a reader. But it’s what I’ve got for now. 

I’ll miss the city with the never-tall buildings of pretty facades and endless blue skies. I’ll miss the metro and how strangers always hold the swinging exit door open for the next person. I’ll miss my window and it’s view of wall and ivy and gardens. I’ll miss my skylight. I’ll miss my mini kitchen and the meals I prepared everyday. I’ll miss my solitude and filling it with music as I go about my evening. I’ll miss the terrace at work where we’ve talked and eaten and laughed and sung even once. 

Tuesday night I had Claire Fanny and Margot over and we cooked biryani and chicken tikka and drank wine and of course there was charcuterie and fromage. And we made almost double of what we needed so we took it to work for everyone Wednesday. And cooking together and eating together and having people at work enjoy it later…it was this warm gooey feeling and I don’t want to say goodbye to them. 

I know I’ll come back. I’ll find a way. But for now I just don’t want to leave. 

But until then, here’s marking the almost-end of a micro era. Mihir has landed in Paris, We leave for Rome tomorrow, I’ll be back eee for theee days…and then long haul to Bombay! 

A tout! I promise to post once or twice more!