This client had been selling his Indian snacks for ten decades in these same plastic bags, and was looking to rebrand. The new packaging had to maintain brand recall, achieved by using the same colours. However, the brand name itself could be bigger, and the design modern.

Custom letters, hand drawn to mimic the high-impact heavy fonts of the bauhaus era, form a new logo that can splash wide across the packaging for both easy reading and long-term brand recognition.

A three colour print on the heat-sealable plastics bags stays standard for all products. The front is all about the branding, while the back side allows space to market the entire product line.

Separately printed labels for each product split into two pieces – one for the front, and the other at the back. The especially placed angular printed colour bands on the plastic mean that even when stuck hastily by the shop team, the label will never look ‘crooked’ but a part of the design.

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