*Aleph Null: the cardinality of a countably infinite set – the way of writing the number of numbers in a set of numbers that is as large as the set of natural numbers (1, 2, 3, 4…) which is essentially infinite, but is special because its a smaller infinity than infinity, and each number can be matched to one natural number and therefore follows incredible mathematical patterns. 
M has spent the last five years as a professor of calculus and series at NYU. Known for her lightening ability with numbers, she lives a quiet life, between bookshelves, cafes and classrooms.
That is, until an old high school friend, NYPD Detective, Aman visits her office. He’s asking with help on a case she shouldn’t know about, and he shouldn’t speak of. A series of murders, each preceded by a clue nobody can decipher, have swamped some of the most prestigious houses in the city. The clue, a new one every hour, is a number.
Thus begins a late night chase across New York City, racing to uncover what location each number points to, trying to catch the mystic murderer in action, and searching for the pattern in the string to preempt the next number before it arrives. Can M find the function of this aleph null* while Aman keeps her involvement concealed? Or will old differences stand in the way? And will they finally reach a murder site before the murderer?

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