Math and Madness 

I’ve finally got ten free minutes to sit down and write this post. This one week stretched so far that weekend patromonie seems a month away! 

Work has been really busy. I had three biggish projects all with deadline for last evening. Which explains my free time today. But while that was going on I never stopped to breathe at work it felt like. In a delicious awesome ‘this is Mihika’ kind of way. 

Le slip français wrapped up. The client liked all of it. Lots of machettes made. And now it’s all technicalities with production teams. 

A new Sanex project, designed and sent off last evening. Was interesting because I’m starting to get a good idea of what’s ‘sanex’ as what’s ‘not sanex’ but yes we try to push boundaries. It’s an interesting balance. Also worked on this project with two people I hadn’t worked with before, always an eye opener. 

Had a completely new project for Noreva. My agency has done a huge redesign for them that’s still not on shelves, for the skin range. So we had to now work on the hair and men range. Not bad – not my favourite project because it was a little dry. But it’s okay. 

Oh oh oh the work I did for the summer edition has gone into testing, three of the designs. So cool!! Next year maybe someone will be buying it ?

As usual had endles mini things to do for ongoing projects – like creating mock ups for Ajax and changing fonts and the likes. 

Last Saturday I went to Fontaine bleau! It’s so beautiful and I didn’t even make it to the forest. Might go back 🙂 Here’s some photos. 

I honestly spent very little time in the chateau. The gardens I loved. I say with pears and my opinel and ate fruit and watched the fish and enjoyed the sun. Was splendid! 

I’ve been really really busy with this math course. It seems ridiculous that one course has my time so eaten up but it’s true! I love it but I’m wondering how I’ll do two or more courses per semester at this rate ?

Deborah’s last day was yesterday! 🙁 we had a really nice little soirée on Tuesday evening to bid her off 

But it’s sad to see here go. We stayed late into the evening (9pm, late by French standards. Indians work until then). Chatted about education systems, rite learning, Montessori, french political agendas and the goodness of cheese. It was really nice. 

Even though it was day before yesterday that feels a week away. Yesterday was something else at work! I think I can safely say I was the busiest designer in the group yesterday. 

But hey! It’s Thursday. I’ve got a coffee and haleh brought breakfast pastries and I haven’t a design to do! 

Won’t last long but I’ll enjoy it while it does 😉 

Bises, à tout!