Knits and Stockings 

Paris has gotten unexpectedly cool. Even I, who wore dresses through the 15 and 16 degree days, have finally succumbed to jeans boots scarves and coats. The nights go down to 3 and 4 degrees, the mornings are 5-8. It’s better by late afternoon, 12-15 degrees. And then it starts dropping again. The heaters have come on at office and the cups of steaming coffee and green tea are aplenty. Unfortunately the gas in the building I stay in hasn’t been turned on yet, and I don’t mind the cool, but it makes getting into the covers very tempting, and getting out very hard. Not good when you’re supposed to work evenings and mornings. 

The weekend in London was lovely. Zero degrees touristy but I never mind that. 

We went to this somewhat random street in east London that houses a very tiny very cool cafe serving avocado toasts, coffee and their own radio station. Very hipster and very cool. Next to it was a tinier still store selling all sorts of Japanese designed things. And further along a garage reeking of weed, selling leather jackets and a sign that read:

We also went to a bookstore called Daunt. It’s quaint, yet the worlds largest travel bookstore. I loved it! Old architecture and the coolest mostly of books arranged by country. Of course I bought some. When do I not? It’s a problem every time I think of the weight I’ll be carrying home. 
We also went to the Tate Britain. The structure is beautiful. The art…’interesting’ (aka I don’t know what to make of it but it entertained me nonetheless). 

There was this cool Noah’s ark sort of temporary installation on an art college campus grounds opposite the back of the museum. It was called the smile – I liked it a lot except the name. 

Those are exactly the number of pennies that make up the total of britains poverty line for a family of four per year, minus one penny. Interesting thought by the artist. 

For the rest of the time, it was movie, reading, napping, chatting and eating. 

Back at work has been BUSY. I got really quite tired of the Sanex project, at the same time I was pushed to explore more than I ever have in terms of pictograms. In its own gentle way working at this agency has pushed me quite a bit and I love that, even if sometimes having to return to retouch yet again your fifth proposition for the same thing is a little draining. 

Buuuttt. We sent Sanex off yesterday ??. And eventually what I did looked pretty good for the brief if I may say so. Wasn’t entirely my production – there was four of us on it, and even the Pistes I worked on drew from others and vice versa, but all in all we put out a good product I think. 

Today I started on a new Palmolive project. Tedious but going to up my photoshop skills a lot. It was a long day of little edits but that’s it’s own sort of calming. 

Oh! This morning Fanny (another intern) and I reached ten minutes early to get cofffee outside the metro near work at this stall we’ve been eyeing for a month now:
Yes there’s people who have their furs out but I think that’s a little bit excessive. Anyhow the coffee was pretty good, very cool temp cafe with a friendly guy who we discussed mornings with 🙂 

I’m battling the draw of cosy quilts with a voulu sweater, coffee and a confusing dose of real analysis due in six hours now. 

A tout!