Jet lag maybe 

I don’t usually do jet lag. But I’ve been up since 5 am, so maybe I do. Or maybe I just slept too much on my day flight. 

My apartment is a lovely 1.1 rooms with everything, plus a nice view 

Same neighbourhood as the consulate of Italy, and the French prime minister. That’s actually the consulate garden you see in the photo. 

I have a skylight, which opens!! 🙂

I unpacked everything last night. And suddenly I feel like I own very little. I made dinner, with wine and my trusty speakers belting out tunes from home. 

Except for stationary and electronics ^, everything is all neat and organised. 

I’m insatiably hungry, but nothing opens until 8. And by the time I got in everything was already closing. 

I’ve moved around furniture, IKEA stalked, app updated, face timed my family and the clock still isn’t moving. 

Going to try my luck on the street. Pray coffee, bread or eggs waft over! 

A bientot!