It crawls on by 

It’s Wednesday. But in my opinion it really should be Friday. It’s 7 pm. But in my opinion should be atleast 10 pm.  It’s 30 something degrees. I’m wishing on the ‘gris’ weather we had last week. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in a great mood. No really – did some illustration work I’m pretty proud of. Just on a tight deadline. And it’s hot. 

We shipped to Sanex. And. And. AND. Sanex liked ???. There’s still work (when isn’t there?) but atleast the designs are through. 

Got feedback and edits on the eklore project. Shipped a now 70 page long booklet. Waiting on feedback. 

And. The big solo project for me is in. And the deadline beats project week. Special edition summer collection of 3 soaps, 5 design options, all illustrated. That’s 15 illustrations. And they’ve got me ?. 

Worked on that today. They really liked what I’ve got so far. But it’s one of five designs, within which I’ve to do 2 options with some variations. Only started the second design. Don’t know how this is all going to wrap up by Tuesday for delivery…

Paris is getting crowded again as August comes to a close. It’s nice to have restaurants open. But the crowds in public transport…there’s people EVERYWHERE. 

​[wpvideo u15bXLUY]​
Oh did I tell you I watched a metro chase and arrest! Was so cool. Cops got on on one stop. Stopped the train. Whispered frantically into their wallow talkies. Then split up in compartments. Train moved. Next stop they all jumped off and chased this guy. Surrounded him. Then I saw no more. But woohoo. 

There’s a LOT of heavily armed army men in my metro right now ?. I’m feeling bad for them actually…in this heat. 

In other news, this week office is in the mood for celebration. Tuesday the freelancers bought three bottles of rosé and chips and dips and cold cuts and bread and had everyone relaxing on the terrace after work…just…because…pretend Tuesday’s are Friday’s? It was fun though, we joked, discussed movies, languages (there’s a lot spoken if you add up the small office team! – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, some Japanese, German, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Persian…). Stephanie thinks my French has gotten more French…I was so happy ;))

Anyhow. I got to shop for salad and then flop with an ice cream.