Hours. And hours. 

Has a day ever felt as long as today?

As you know it started before dawn met the horizon. It’s past ten and dusk is only hinting in.

Everybody at the office is wonderful! Stephanie launched my day. But I met Yan, Francois, Alé, Johanne, Nicholas, Marco and a few others whose names are slipping.

I did a whole day speaking only in French. I planned to write this post in French. But I’m tired now, and as proud as I am of managing the whole day in a foreign language, I’m less inspired when I’m this sleepy.

My French is far from perfect I’m sure, but I ordered in it, got briefed at work in it, used my computer in it (not having a QWERTY keyboard is confusing though, even shortcuts change), ordered food in it, found groceries in it…

I didn’t DO a lot at office today, just a few packs (unfinished) for a simple pharma cosmetics brand. But meeting everyone was real nice.

Office ended really late – left at 6.45 and I was the second or third to leave. Needed to catch the grocery store by home which only stays open until 8 (sigh, Europe). Bought a ton, and heroically walked it all through the maze to my apartment. I don’t think I’ll need to exercise here…life will do it for me.

I’ve done the dishes and curling up with a book, music and eyes half closed.

It’s Paris vs. Germany tonight. I don’t have a TV, but the entire neighbourhood reacts in a collective shout when something happens, so I have some idea. I’ll know the outcome soon.

A bientot!