Hey this is an internship 

Guys guys guys it’s FRIDAY! One more week under the rug. The half day is here, the weekend looms large (and I haven’t made plans yet). And this stagière is having a great time as a temporary Parisien. 

But in all my reporting of my adventures here, I realised yesterday that I’ve missed pointing out all the things I’m learning here, design intern wise, not crepes wise.

Yesterday Haleh was telling me to use only Channel Mixer to switch around colours in Photoshop, not the other tools. Interesting because I’ve interned at Reproscan and spent over two weeks in just the colour correction department. Not once in all the curves and levels and hues and selective colours, not once, did I use channel mixer. Apparently though it safeguards the image a lot better (less damaging) and is a great tool to make colours ‘pop’ which is what packaging always needs. 

Obviously I had to research it because I was presented with a series of controls I was swinging around at random without having a clue what I was doing. So now, as of yesterday, I’m an amateur channel mixer ??

Speaking of colours, that is probably where most of my learning so far lies. With Sanex I went through the Pantone shade book 10^10 times. I really do think that if not already, by the time I leave I’ll be able to locate and code any Pantone Solid Coated colour under the sun. What’s cool though is finding a colour ‘descendu’ – it’s not just about adding more white, but finding what parameters to change to make titles pop on coloured backgrounds with text is the same but lighter colour. 

Here’s another challenge, finding ‘flashy’ shelf colours which have ‘class’ and say ‘pharma’. ?

The next – Pairing colours, while keeping in mind all the connotations. For example, a blue pack for men – you don’t want a Nivea blue blue, neither a desaturated blue down to Dove men. You venture into the ocean blue territory, as though the blue has a touch of moss (but you’ve to keep it fresh, not ‘dirty’). Some twenty printouts in you have the blue. But you’ve to add the green highlight in the design that the client likes so much. Now the green – too leaf and it doesn’t pop, too lemony and the pack is too sporty. Some tries in and you have your green. Woohoo. But. Then the blue descendu for the titles and such, so your blue light is a bit turquoise from the ocean blue. The pack looks lovely…but it looks too pool-Aqua. Yet you go on, add the Sanex men logo – that’s blue, silver, white, and RED. 

Your pack is a mess of colours, and is too seaside…and it’s back to the staaaarrrtt. 

We did solve the pack colours though, as well as a dozen (or more) others. 

And this week – I’m getting past my mental illustration block. Four routes of illustration done, and if I may say so myself, they’re looking pretty darn good! 🙂 and I’ve done humans (yes!), fruits, shadows, umbrellas, drinks…???

Finally, shutterstock. Shutterstock is gold. 

I leave you with the most stressful symbol that ever appears on my screen, cause it could (and has before) meant C-R-A-S-H and too bad if you didn’t save recently 

[wpvideo ZLFquM9D]​