Fun week. Hard week. Second last week. 

It’s like the four months went up in vapour. I feel like I should be at the halfway point, not the end point. Where did the days go? 

I have a routine now. Friends now. I know the neighbourhood. I made friends with the new shops that opened this week. The girl at Franprix and I chat. I laze on weekends, tourist time is over. And suddenly I’ve to think about packing. 
I had a pretty good week. Monday one of my intern friends (Margot) was participating in a jam session, so Fanny (other intern) and I went to watch. Margot doesn’t want a video of her song uploaded, so here’s another:​

[wpvideo PgByVmqV]​It was a really fun night! They all sang great. The band was super. It was a lot of impromptu. And we had fun together. 

For Tuesday, Corrine (a freelancer) invited me to join her because she had tickets to the opening night of the Bauhaus show at the musée des arts décoratifs. Here’s some pictures from the evening – they’re not great but it was a super cool show, and a very fun experience 


I’m gonna miss my friends here. That’s Fanny messing around pre show with a very weird and loud hand dryer we found. 

Work wise the week dragged a bit. I had to work on agency communication visuals because they’re going this week to receive an award for their perfum package design and need a presentation. That’s a picture of the bottles. 

Making all their ‘fiches’ was a little tiring because essentially they wanted realistic 3Ds made in photoshop and they didn’t want me to do it on blender because time. Made mood boards and visuals and slides and … let’s say I’m all done highlighting and shadowing on photoshop. 

I didn’t sleep enough this week. And it took a lot of coffee to get through the days. The math this week was a difficult chapter and I was running behind schedule because of my chilled out weekend. 

Went to my favourite art store ever yesterday, sennelier. Kind of emptied my wallet ? but here’s a piece of the beautiful place

Made friends with the Monsieur in charge of pens and paper. He was very nice ☺️

Today’s agenda is to do math, send our postcards, and pack. It’s a weird feeling and I’m procrastinating every hour that I can. 

I have a second home in the world though now! I’ll be back. I will. 

A tout!