Enthusiastic Reporter is Back! 


Finally had something exciting again! 

I came back from work on Friday and went straight to Musee Mailol on my street, because I’d seen posters from two days ago of an exhibition that opened ‘tout est art?’ By Ben. 

I loved it! I wish I had more photos but I just a few like the one below. It was a combination of word philosophy and found objects in a colourful multilevel display of materials and thought and humour! 

I woke up Saturday morning and headed out to get a breakfast just for fun, when my street alerted me that it was the Journées du Patrimoine European! That’s basically when they open up all sorts of heritage buildings to the public that are usually private. 

Here’s a few I went to:

Prime ministers place – Hôtel Matignon

Ministere du Travail – hôtel du Châtlet

Résidence de l’ambassadeur de Russie

Ministere Aménagement du territoire, ruralite et collectivités territoriales 

Ministere de La Défense – hotel de Briene

Mairie du 7ieme 

Police department…

And here’s tons of photos: 

If only I could hold a MUN in a room like that!
This is the line on my street that alerted me to the event – line to the Prime Ministers place. 

Don’t you love the uniforms? 

They’d left lots of their real stuff out – wasn’t all staged, because these places are actually used. Was cool!
The prime ministers gardens, which I can usually see form my studio window. I stood in them. 

It was funny though it started pouring so I went in. And i was talking to someone and said ‘I’m stuck at the prime ministers place because it’s raining’ – don’t think I’ll say that too often in life! 

More MUN dreams 

The Ministere of Agriculture had a really cool set up with lots of products to taste and buy – wines, cheeses, meats, milk…very fun! 

Even had some farm animals, vegetable patches, and bees ​​

Was a stormy day – loved the view ​​

This is the Parisian equivalent of malabar hill police station. If only ours was quarter as nice…

Live performances! Caught quite a few different ones 

​[wpvideo R93FcGp6]​​​​[wpvideo 8XVR1YXG]​

This is the room in which France decides to go to war, since napoléon! 😀 

In other news of Saturday, I visited Madame de Valence who is one of my neighbours. An old woman in a wheelchair with plenty of energy and vivacity. She’s visited India 20 times, traversing most of its states, puts my knowledge of the country to shame really. She gifted me a book she wrote/translated. She was a journalist. We talked for over an hour – was a lovely afternoon! 

After some more heritage, I made this spectacular salad at home. You might be bored of my food stories, but really they’re the best adventures. Grilled peaches, Rucola, Italian ham, Spanish tomatoes, and a big boule of Burrata, balsamic reduction. Heaven! 

An intern friend invited me to a really fun night out. We met at this old bus station converted to a beach bar and dance (literally, there’s several feet deep of sand). Disco music and swing dancing. Was super chouette! 

Sunday was math and naps. And today it’s autumn, and there’s boots and scarves outdoors! A tout!