Cultural Game Strong 

I can’t believe I spent nearly three months in Paris and didn’t make the time for these until this weekend. 

Saturday I spent the day with my landlord’s eight year old daughter and my landlord’s wife’s friend at Centre Pompidou. It’s funny how that came to be. But anyhow, we caught ‘The Beat Generation’ on its second last day. I’d known it was on but mostly avoided it thinking it had to do with music, one of my few non-interests. So glad I went! 

To start it has nothing to do with music. It’s a show of the works of men from what came to be known as the Beat Generation – a group of artists, poets, photographers and filmmakers from the time of the Vietnam war in America. They started at Columbia university, and expressed their discontent for the government and the war and many societal norms via their art. 

It was the first time that I encountered rebellious art which I did not find vulgar. Subtle, thoughtfully put together, and stupendously presented by the museum designer! 

This one is a video I found rather special. Little Claire (the eight year old daughter of my landlord) first sat herself down in the large space dedicated to this video and said ‘c’est marron. C’est belle!’  She sat enraptured for 15 minutes on the clock – that’s an astounding feat for an eight year olds attention span for art. 

​[wpvideo dg3l7uua]​
It’s put together by a man who fled to Mexico to espace the nuclear era. There, a recent user of LSD, he made this video using footage of American nuclear tests, to express a connection between the nuclear mushroom and the hallucinatory mushroom. Set to beautiful still music, really it’s true that the bomb was ‘très très belle’. Strange place our world is. 

Sunday morning I finally went to musée Rodin! I’ve loved three months on the same street as musée Rodin and never visited. Maybe just because it was crowded, I didn’t love it as much as all the people who told me to go there love it. It’s beautiful for sure, but no more than a lot of other places in Paris if you ask me. 

Anyway I did get some lovely sky transitions while there – these were all within an hour! 

Also went to a da Vinci exhibition held by the Italian consulate on my street. Didn’t live it buts its always nice to see things. 

Sunday evening was…wait for it…crazy drumroll….intense guitar rocking…Bryan Adams at Zenith la vilette. 

It was so so so fun. Nothing more to be said. Great music. Live artist  legend. Great sound system. Lots of off tune singing along. 


The work week was okay. Monday I had zero work, strange because I’m usually pulling together minutes to finish everything. Wednesday I had a strange eye swelling and took my first off day. And yesterday and today were packed with work as usual. 

More pharma cosmetics. Edits on old projects. Some new work for agency branding. 

Yesterday marked 3 months over for me here. 3 months! In a sense I believe it because I really have settled in to a home not just of sorts but what feels like home home here. I have a routine, I work, study, cook, read, travel and wander some. I’ve gotten to know the vendors in my area and they know me and ask me specific things about how life is going which is nice. I feel a part of the team at work, not the new girl. It’s just…home. 

On the other hand, I can’t believe it because 3 months up means I have only one month left. C’est impossible ça! Vraiment! I’ve just settled in, I want more time. Or maybe not JUST settled in, but moving away will feel a little like moving home again. I don’t want to say goodbye to my studio, or agency, or the people, or my little parisien life. 

Anyhow, less thought on that. My Eurostar train is just pulling into London for a hopefully fun weekend here! 

You’ll hear more about that I’m sure. Until then wish me luck for my math exam tomorrow! 

A tout, bises!