Ç’a été

Time flew this week. It’s Sunday evening and I’m unsure how I got here. At the only place open on a Sunday in August at 4 pm to serve me a reward lunch for my intense cleaning morning. 

A lot happened though. So let’s back up to Tuesday. 

Sanex. Sanex. Sanex 🙁 my interest in this project is fast depleting with their contradictory debriefs. I spent most of my week going back and forth on this. They changed all pack text. They changed the range under which the men product is to be sold. They modified priorities. But so shall it go. Monday we ship the new designs to them. 

Worked some on the Raison Pure all white photography. Frank liked a few 😀 but there’s a lot more to do. It’s a challenging one. 

Good news! Eklore REALLY liked what Haleh and I did for their festival book. A lot of work on that will continue next week, but yay!! 

Look the shoe at office is all cleaned up and classy. We still don’t know why we own it though. 

Wednesday I went and bought myself sneakers. ? this girl gonna be active. Maybe. 

Frank came back Tuesday. Stephanie came back Thursday! And Yan is gone ?. We got three new freelancers, but two previous ones are gone. And there’s more changes upcoming at office. Manon’s last week, so a new intern Monday to replace her. 

Had an interesting conversation with the Exe department, Jerome especially, about what landed them there and what it takes to work in exe (execution). Also discussed a couple software alternatives to Illustrator, waiting to try a few out. 

Other than that. Paris has been a bit of a pain. It’s August and this sums up Paris in August;

Went for a long walk on Friday. Because it was too beautiful outside to use the metro. 

Yes the sky changes that much in one walk. Moody weather…

Had everyone over for dinner and wine on Saturday. Homemade salad and lasagna, too many bottles of wine, cardgames, music, popcorn and ice cream. 

It was a very fun night, but that brings me to today’s cleaning. Somehow we managed to make quite a mess. Which inspired me to go overkill on cleaning. Dishes. Sheets. Counters. Floors. Walls. Sinks. Vacuum (I vacuumed the vacuum machine even). Sponges all soaked and washed. Was a power day.

And now. Now it’s avocado toast and coffee 

Because me, I’m out. It’s gonna be all movies and popcorn for the rest of the day.