But the weekend really takes it away :)

Thursday was awesome! You already know about the big lunch.

That evening I visited the Musee des Arts et Metiers. My second time there, but saw more than I ever had before. It’s easily my favourite place to go to in Paris.

Unlike a traditional scienc-y museum it’s not filled with modern interactive displays, colours, explanations and try-it-yourself stands. They’ve kept it simple and classy.

Well mapped rooms in wood and glass, with elegant old instruments ranging from chemistry, measurement and packaging to transport and energy. Perhaps their signage could be a little less discreet just to help one along, but I love how un-invasive the museum is – more a gallery really.

On of the earliest offset presses there. I wish our machines were as Solid today as they appeared then.

Typesetting! There was a room full of printing and typesetting. Much happiness 😀

It doesn’t get more bobo than cameras like that. They had some VERY cool equipment.

This was a working model of traditional wheel production – you could watch it happen! Loved how they did the lighting for this exhibit.

They’d converted an old church space that was excavated into a large spacious gallery, famous for the pendulum in the centre, but cool for an overwhelming sense of space and quiet there.

And that was a pretty great evening.

Friday was a short day as usual, and even quieter with only 5 people at office. After office I went first to La drogerie. I wish I’d been in less of a hurry and taken more photos! It’s a store full of strings and beads and buttons of the widest variety. Was shopping to make these rakhis

Going to visit the post office today to ship them! 🙂

From that store I raced to Gare du Nord, cause this little Indian girl was going to Brussels 😀

It’s a short train ride, which is nice. And I was greeted by Fai (ma tante) and Fua (min oncle). Ils habitent en Londres mais ils ont une grande maison en Ixelles.  Je l’adore.

The weekend was full of good food, drives to Antwerp (where we went to a very very cool concept store and cafe called Saint Vincents)

On the way back we drove past some cool sights

Atleast for the nerd in me.

For one dinner we had their architect and his wife and children over for dinner, I’m told they are a typical Belgian couple.

I love the Belgian sense of humour, like a boucherie call ‘Liberte, Egalite, Poulet!’ ? don’t even ask.

We also went to a seriously cool train museum that opened last  September. I was really impressed by the design of the spaces and signage and experience there. Would love to work with the team that did it! Great colour choices, lighting, incredibly creative use of video on all sorts of surfaces with very discreet projectors, you felt the whole time like you were living in a bubble of train world, the sound effects…everything! I’d recommend anyone coming to Europe to visit that.

[wpvideo oqVMn6Q7]

Also got great news Monday about some online studying I do. Really felt like this:

It’s Tuesday now and I’m back at work in what feels like an abandoned city – people aren’t kidding when they say Paris evacuates in August.

Anyway the Sanex debrief is here. Onward to illustrator!