The final sprint 

Between three countries, airport disasters, sad goodbyes, beautiful visits, frantic packing, lovely gifts, math midterm exams and a mile long to-do list, it really was a marathon done at sprint speed. 

Mihir arrived and we went straight to the Chambon's - the wonderful family I'd met when I'd first got here. We had a lovely dinner there, I'm glad I got to see them again. 

Next morning it was a trip to Rome. Hail airport mess number 1. We'd checked in with an hour to spare and all was good, but then the security line was crazy and it took 50 minutes to get through and they didn't let us board our flight. So we watched our flight take off. Lots of running around between Alitalia and Air France and the confusing systems finally got us two seats on the afternooon flight. So door to door we took 14 hours to reach our hostel in Rome. 

Never mind though. Here's some photos, not going to go into all the details of everything because that's worth a post itself! 

I did some amount of the time out myself which was fun. Mihir and I did some things togethe.  Obviously we drank lots of wine and ate many pizzas. Frank from work lived in Rome a few years, so he's given me a pretty good list of places to visit. Made for a good culinary experience! 

My favourite area was probably the squares in trastevere - young, lively, arty ans bustling with festive energy. Of all the monuments, it was the baths of Caracalla which I was most enamoured by. It's just astounding, the scale at which the romans built everything - it's all spaces for giants! 

Of course one airport mess wasn't enough. We were supposed to return Tuesday evening and I'd go to work Wednesday. But lo and behold Tuesday morning reveals that are tickets are for WEDNESDAY EVENING. And being all saints day, the end of a long European weekend, not one airline had a spot available. Had to call in work and tell them I'd be missing Wednesday. 

Got an extra day in Rome though! No complaints there. 

Thursday started great - I reached my desk to find this: 

A little plant from Delphine as a gift! 

Over Thursday and Friday at work I had to squeeze in Sanex, Palmolive, cottage and some noreva. Not bad for a finish. 
We all went out for lunch together from work on Thursday. They treated me! I didn't expect that but was so nice :) big group Italian meal. In the evening was my 'pot de depart'. I'd brought bhel and kaju katli and prosecco from Rome. Everybody to my surprise LOVED bhel (frank had asked for it, but otherwise it's not usually a taste-for-Europe). 

Was awesome because Corrine was there! (She was meant to not be there since she was going to be freelancing elsewhere). And Muriel came even though she IS freelancing elsewhere. She brought me an awesome gift box of oils and teas and extracts since she observed that I like cooking. Raison pure also had a gift for me - a very pretty cream and brown sling purse. This apparently was the 'official agency gift' but there was other gifts that everyone had pooled together to buy. 

And indeed - Friday afternoon after a second round of wine at lunchtime, I got a big collection of little gifts. 

An awesome book that's a discussion between a mathematician and a musicien on 'creation' - they know me well! 

A little French broach like the kind Corrine is always wearing. 

A snow globe and a keychain Eiffel Tower. And cat magnets :D

A box set of book-chocolates. They really know me! 

Corrine painted me a bag! 

But all the laughs and hugs and gifts and goodbyes and so-touching speeches...lots of smiles but it was also so sad. I might come back, but it'll never quite be the same. It's only Sunday and I already miss it. 

I packed up my apartment Friday evening. And somewhere around 3 am I was sitting on the floor with suitcases around me and almost bare walls and not a soul awake as I did what frank told me he was sure I wouldn't do cause I'm too corporate - I cried. Probably also the lack of sleep but it's also the first time in my life I moved out from somewhere. Ever. And I'm not happy to say goodbye to my little studio with the skylight and window seat and walls of memories. I wish I could keep it forever. And my landlord told me he might demolish it to reincorporate it into his house :(. 

Saturday pretty much all I did was sit at the window and study math. Was my second midterm for the course (thank you Harvard, FABULOUS TIMING, two times now). Mihir and I did go to a really good crêperie for lunch, but that's the only 'getting out' I did. 

Study pack study pack. I gave my exam between 1.30 and 4 am. Short nap. And then it was all FITTHISTOWELINTHEBAGTOO and then bags tumbling down stairs and in the elevator and bumping across the compound to the uber van that was late. I packed my whole life into 4.0 bags. And now they're under me on this 292 tonne mass thats levitating in the air. 

Oh about that. Of course I couldn't have a normal airport experience. That would be blasphemy. We walked in through the door at check in desk 12 and needed to walk to check in desk 15. But they didn't let us since there was some unattended bag they found. So exited airport, walked outside, and got back in from a door near fifteen. Checked in our bags with a mild glitch and I was thinking 'there. Finally. All the madness. But it's done. We made it. All systems go. Now just wait and board'. But of course not. Why would life be that easy. 

We start walking to security. And they've closed everything past check in desk 14 (aka desks 13-1, security, immigration etc) and evacuated thanks to that stupid unattended bag. So all of Paris flying out of Charles the gaulles 2C for this morning stood at the army baraccades around checkin 14-16 for one hour while we waited for police and bomb squads and god knows who else. All airport entrances were sealed and I was thinking 'really? Really? Am I NOT desservent of five minutes of peace at a lounge or cafe before I go?' And of course by the time they began to let people through, our flight was already underway boarding. 

So we ran through immigration and security. Me with two bags two pillows and a coat in hand (ran out of suitcase space). Ran all the way to the gate. Down the stairs to the bus up the stairs and finally, finally, in our seats. 

So here I am, glass of wine adding to my droopy eyes, 35000 feet in the air, headed back to Bombay. 

This might sound completely crazy, actually not might - it does - but I'm scared I have no idea who I am anymore in Bombay. I'm not a whole new person or anything that drastic, but something changed in the whole working-living in Europe-living alone-travelling solo-supporting myself on my own income (except rent)-making decisions independent of older people's decisions-washing your own bathroom and scheduling laundry runs-being in a whole new world-talking French for four months straight so that I forgot how to say 'au revoir' in Gujarati (my mother tongue) that makes me feel like I won' in my life at 'home'. It feels like a distant hotel or memory that I'm returning to. 

But who knows. Many adventures to come! Here's hoping my final airport stop passes without hitch. 

For the last time (I think) on this blog. 



PS - that's the consumed alcohol collection. Also had a pretty impressive consumed paper stack for four months 

The end of a micro-era

I walked out from work yesterday and put on my headphones, the air was crisp, my fingers a little cold and my neck a little too warm, and the notes of the song just hit that point and suddenly walking down the street to the metro I was terribly terribly sad. Maybe it's the lack of sleep and maybe it's the very friendly few days I had and maybe it's the thought of how much like home my studio has become, but I'm getting teary at the thought of leaving. And this is the same person who didn't shed a tear saying goodbye to everyone in Bombay, didn't cry at her graduation, didn't cry when her best friends moved away...but this. 

I'm going to miss waking up to my quiet early early mornings to get through seemingly unsurmountable task lists. I'm going to miss the many mornings where in my semi-drowsy state I convinced myself that task list wasn't important and turned over in bed (only to result in me running wildly in the hallways of Saint Lazare between line 12 and 3 to make it to work in the nick of time). I'm going to miss the summer mornings where I'd walk out to cheery people and closed shops and sun on my skin. I'll miss even more the autumn mornings where almost no matter how late I woke up I could sit at my window seat with my coffee and watch the sun rise. 

I'm going to miss all the 'café's I told myself I shouldn't have and had anyway. All the surprise petit-déjeuners at work. 

I'll miss like crazy my morning 'bonjour - salut - 'ello' ritual with everyone at the agence. I'll miss the 'pas terrible' sushi lunches and the times everyone at work went out and ate together. I'll even miss Sanex - dear old Sanex and it's one million and one pictos. I'll miss afternoons at work, by which time it takes far more music and coffee and conversation for all of us to pull through editing steaks and flowers of all sorts. I'll miss Ann's playlist, Haleh's love and sarcasm and constant grumbling about becoming 'vieux', Marcos's advice on cleaning, gardens and how everyone should have a manicure once a week (except me. I never should touch my fingers). I'll miss Emma thinking out loud and teaching me the strangest vocabulary (the French have a VERB for throw someone out the window!). I'll miss Stephanie's ever concerned 'ça va Mihika?' and Frank not-so-discreetly peering over my screen with ambiguous 'aaahhh's. I'll miss Yan's random outbursts from a usual state of quiet brooding, and Guillaume giving us dietary wisdom every now and then. I already miss Corinne and Muriel who aren't there right now.  I'll miss the easy jokes with Nico and our common exasperation with the glitches of colour profiles and clients' you-should-be-able-to-play-god requests. I'll miss my lunchtime run ins with Françoise and Cecile. I'll really, really, really miss the friendship I have with Fanny, Margot and Claire. 

I imagine this rant isn't even interesting to a reader. But it's what I've got for now. 

I'll miss the city with the never-tall buildings of pretty facades and endless blue skies. I'll miss the metro and how strangers always hold the swinging exit door open for the next person. I'll miss my window and it's view of wall and ivy and gardens. I'll miss my skylight. I'll miss my mini kitchen and the meals I prepared everyday. I'll miss my solitude and filling it with music as I go about my evening. I'll miss the terrace at work where we've talked and eaten and laughed and sung even once. 

Tuesday night I had Claire Fanny and Margot over and we cooked biryani and chicken tikka and drank wine and of course there was charcuterie and fromage. And we made almost double of what we needed so we took it to work for everyone Wednesday. And cooking together and eating together and having people at work enjoy it was this warm gooey feeling and I don't want to say goodbye to them. 

I know I'll come back. I'll find a way. But for now I just don't want to leave. 

But until then, here's marking the almost-end of a micro era. Mihir has landed in Paris, We leave for Rome tomorrow, I'll be back eee for theee days...and then long haul to Bombay! 

A tout! I promise to post once or twice more! 

Postcard from Paris

I know the postcards will only reach a few days before I do, but I really wanted to and I FINALLY found postcards I liked. 

Very cool ones from Colette actually. So here's shipping, 9 postcards from Paris! 

Fun week. Hard week. Second last week. 

It's like the four months went up in vapour. I feel like I should be at the halfway point, not the end point. Where did the days go? 

I have a routine now. Friends now. I know the neighbourhood. I made friends with the new shops that opened this week. The girl at Franprix and I chat. I laze on weekends, tourist time is over. And suddenly I've to think about packing. 
I had a pretty good week. Monday one of my intern friends (Margot) was participating in a jam session, so Fanny (other intern) and I went to watch. Margot doesn't want a video of her song uploaded, so here's another:​

[wpvideo PgByVmqV]​It was a really fun night! They all sang great. The band was super. It was a lot of impromptu. And we had fun together. 

For Tuesday, Corrine (a freelancer) invited me to join her because she had tickets to the opening night of the Bauhaus show at the musée des arts décoratifs. Here's some pictures from the evening - they're not great but it was a super cool show, and a very fun experience 


I'm gonna miss my friends here. That's Fanny messing around pre show with a very weird and loud hand dryer we found. 

Work wise the week dragged a bit. I had to work on agency communication visuals because they're going this week to receive an award for their perfum package design and need a presentation. That's a picture of the bottles. 

Making all their 'fiches' was a little tiring because essentially they wanted realistic 3Ds made in photoshop and they didn't want me to do it on blender because time. Made mood boards and visuals and slides and ... let's say I'm all done highlighting and shadowing on photoshop. 

I didn't sleep enough this week. And it took a lot of coffee to get through the days. The math this week was a difficult chapter and I was running behind schedule because of my chilled out weekend. 

Went to my favourite art store ever yesterday, sennelier. Kind of emptied my wallet ? but here's a piece of the beautiful place

Made friends with the Monsieur in charge of pens and paper. He was very nice ☺️

Today's agenda is to do math, send our postcards, and pack. It's a weird feeling and I'm procrastinating every hour that I can. 

I have a second home in the world though now! I'll be back. I will. 

A tout! 

Sun kissed and ridiculously lucky 

Nothing special happened. But I really had just about the nicest days ever. And that's including all the adventures I've gone on about for the past three and something months. 

All of Saturday and all of Sunday the sun decided to surprise Paris with an October appearance. And the ledge by my window was a sunbathing haven. 

For one weekend I didn't try to take in as much as Europe as I possibly could, and in a way I took in more than I have before. 

So here's to the weekend - coffees, beer, snacks, fruit, hearty meals, a couple novels and a lot of sunshine

Knits and Stockings 

Paris has gotten unexpectedly cool. Even I, who wore dresses through the 15 and 16 degree days, have finally succumbed to jeans boots scarves and coats. The nights go down to 3 and 4 degrees, the mornings are 5-8. It's better by late afternoon, 12-15 degrees. And then it starts dropping again. The heaters have come on at office and the cups of steaming coffee and green tea are aplenty. Unfortunately the gas in the building I stay in hasn't been turned on yet, and I don't mind the cool, but it makes getting into the covers very tempting, and getting out very hard. Not good when you're supposed to work evenings and mornings. 

The weekend in London was lovely. Zero degrees touristy but I never mind that. 

We went to this somewhat random street in east London that houses a very tiny very cool cafe serving avocado toasts, coffee and their own radio station. Very hipster and very cool. Next to it was a tinier still store selling all sorts of Japanese designed things. And further along a garage reeking of weed, selling leather jackets and a sign that read:

We also went to a bookstore called Daunt. It's quaint, yet the worlds largest travel bookstore. I loved it! Old architecture and the coolest mostly of books arranged by country. Of course I bought some. When do I not? It's a problem every time I think of the weight I'll be carrying home. 
We also went to the Tate Britain. The structure is beautiful. The art...'interesting' (aka I don't know what to make of it but it entertained me nonetheless). 

There was this cool Noah's ark sort of temporary installation on an art college campus grounds opposite the back of the museum. It was called the smile - I liked it a lot except the name. 

Those are exactly the number of pennies that make up the total of britains poverty line for a family of four per year, minus one penny. Interesting thought by the artist. 

For the rest of the time, it was movie, reading, napping, chatting and eating. 

Back at work has been BUSY. I got really quite tired of the Sanex project, at the same time I was pushed to explore more than I ever have in terms of pictograms. In its own gentle way working at this agency has pushed me quite a bit and I love that, even if sometimes having to return to retouch yet again your fifth proposition for the same thing is a little draining. 

Buuuttt. We sent Sanex off yesterday ??. And eventually what I did looked pretty good for the brief if I may say so. Wasn't entirely my production - there was four of us on it, and even the Pistes I worked on drew from others and vice versa, but all in all we put out a good product I think. 

Today I started on a new Palmolive project. Tedious but going to up my photoshop skills a lot. It was a long day of little edits but that's it's own sort of calming. 

Oh! This morning Fanny (another intern) and I reached ten minutes early to get cofffee outside the metro near work at this stall we've been eyeing for a month now:
Yes there's people who have their furs out but I think that's a little bit excessive. Anyhow the coffee was pretty good, very cool temp cafe with a friendly guy who we discussed mornings with :) 

I'm battling the draw of cosy quilts with a voulu sweater, coffee and a confusing dose of real analysis due in six hours now. 

A tout! 

Cultural Game Strong 

I can't believe I spent nearly three months in Paris and didn't make the time for these until this weekend. 

Saturday I spent the day with my landlord's eight year old daughter and my landlord's wife's friend at Centre Pompidou. It's funny how that came to be. But anyhow, we caught 'The Beat Generation' on its second last day. I'd known it was on but mostly avoided it thinking it had to do with music, one of my few non-interests. So glad I went! 

To start it has nothing to do with music. It's a show of the works of men from what came to be known as the Beat Generation - a group of artists, poets, photographers and filmmakers from the time of the Vietnam war in America. They started at Columbia university, and expressed their discontent for the government and the war and many societal norms via their art. 

It was the first time that I encountered rebellious art which I did not find vulgar. Subtle, thoughtfully put together, and stupendously presented by the museum designer! 

This one is a video I found rather special. Little Claire (the eight year old daughter of my landlord) first sat herself down in the large space dedicated to this video and said 'c'est marron. C'est belle!'  She sat enraptured for 15 minutes on the clock - that's an astounding feat for an eight year olds attention span for art. 

​[wpvideo dg3l7uua]​
It's put together by a man who fled to Mexico to espace the nuclear era. There, a recent user of LSD, he made this video using footage of American nuclear tests, to express a connection between the nuclear mushroom and the hallucinatory mushroom. Set to beautiful still music, really it's true that the bomb was 'très très belle'. Strange place our world is. 

Sunday morning I finally went to musée Rodin! I've loved three months on the same street as musée Rodin and never visited. Maybe just because it was crowded, I didn't love it as much as all the people who told me to go there love it. It's beautiful for sure, but no more than a lot of other places in Paris if you ask me. 

Anyway I did get some lovely sky transitions while there - these were all within an hour! 

Also went to a da Vinci exhibition held by the Italian consulate on my street. Didn't live it buts its always nice to see things. 

Sunday evening was...wait for it...crazy drumroll....intense guitar rocking...Bryan Adams at Zenith la vilette. 

It was so so so fun. Nothing more to be said. Great music. Live artist  legend. Great sound system. Lots of off tune singing along. 


The work week was okay. Monday I had zero work, strange because I'm usually pulling together minutes to finish everything. Wednesday I had a strange eye swelling and took my first off day. And yesterday and today were packed with work as usual. 

More pharma cosmetics. Edits on old projects. Some new work for agency branding. 

Yesterday marked 3 months over for me here. 3 months! In a sense I believe it because I really have settled in to a home not just of sorts but what feels like home home here. I have a routine, I work, study, cook, read, travel and wander some. I've gotten to know the vendors in my area and they know me and ask me specific things about how life is going which is nice. I feel a part of the team at work, not the new girl. It's just...home. 

On the other hand, I can't believe it because 3 months up means I have only one month left. C'est impossible ça! Vraiment! I've just settled in, I want more time. Or maybe not JUST settled in, but moving away will feel a little like moving home again. I don't want to say goodbye to my studio, or agency, or the people, or my little parisien life. 

Anyhow, less thought on that. My Eurostar train is just pulling into London for a hopefully fun weekend here! 

You'll hear more about that I'm sure. Until then wish me luck for my math exam tomorrow! 

A tout, bises! 

Math and Madness 

I've finally got ten free minutes to sit down and write this post. This one week stretched so far that weekend patromonie seems a month away! 

Work has been really busy. I had three biggish projects all with deadline for last evening. Which explains my free time today. But while that was going on I never stopped to breathe at work it felt like. In a delicious awesome 'this is Mihika' kind of way. 

Le slip français wrapped up. The client liked all of it. Lots of machettes made. And now it's all technicalities with production teams. 

A new Sanex project, designed and sent off last evening. Was interesting because I'm starting to get a good idea of what's 'sanex' as what's 'not sanex' but yes we try to push boundaries. It's an interesting balance. Also worked on this project with two people I hadn't worked with before, always an eye opener. 

Had a completely new project for Noreva. My agency has done a huge redesign for them that's still not on shelves, for the skin range. So we had to now work on the hair and men range. Not bad - not my favourite project because it was a little dry. But it's okay. 

Oh oh oh the work I did for the summer edition has gone into testing, three of the designs. So cool!! Next year maybe someone will be buying it ?

As usual had endles mini things to do for ongoing projects - like creating mock ups for Ajax and changing fonts and the likes. 

Last Saturday I went to Fontaine bleau! It's so beautiful and I didn't even make it to the forest. Might go back :) Here's some photos. 

I honestly spent very little time in the chateau. The gardens I loved. I say with pears and my opinel and ate fruit and watched the fish and enjoyed the sun. Was splendid! 

I've been really really busy with this math course. It seems ridiculous that one course has my time so eaten up but it's true! I love it but I'm wondering how I'll do two or more courses per semester at this rate ?

Deborah's last day was yesterday! :( we had a really nice little soirée on Tuesday evening to bid her off 

But it's sad to see here go. We stayed late into the evening (9pm, late by French standards. Indians work until then). Chatted about education systems, rite learning, Montessori, french political agendas and the goodness of cheese. It was really nice. 

Even though it was day before yesterday that feels a week away. Yesterday was something else at work! I think I can safely say I was the busiest designer in the group yesterday. 

But hey! It's Thursday. I've got a coffee and haleh brought breakfast pastries and I haven't a design to do! 

Won't last long but I'll enjoy it while it does ;-) 

Bises, à tout! 

Enthusiastic Reporter is Back! 


Finally had something exciting again! 

I came back from work on Friday and went straight to Musee Mailol on my street, because I'd seen posters from two days ago of an exhibition that opened 'tout est art?' By Ben. 

I loved it! I wish I had more photos but I just a few like the one below. It was a combination of word philosophy and found objects in a colourful multilevel display of materials and thought and humour! 

I woke up Saturday morning and headed out to get a breakfast just for fun, when my street alerted me that it was the Journées du Patrimoine European! That's basically when they open up all sorts of heritage buildings to the public that are usually private. 

Here's a few I went to:

Prime ministers place - Hôtel Matignon

Ministere du Travail - hôtel du Châtlet

Résidence de l'ambassadeur de Russie

Ministere Aménagement du territoire, ruralite et collectivités territoriales 

Ministere de La Défense - hotel de Briene

Mairie du 7ieme 

Police department...

And here's tons of photos: 

If only I could hold a MUN in a room like that!
This is the line on my street that alerted me to the event - line to the Prime Ministers place. 

Don't you love the uniforms? 

They'd left lots of their real stuff out - wasn't all staged, because these places are actually used. Was cool!
The prime ministers gardens, which I can usually see form my studio window. I stood in them. 

It was funny though it started pouring so I went in. And i was talking to someone and said 'I'm stuck at the prime ministers place because it's raining' - don't think I'll say that too often in life! 

More MUN dreams 

The Ministere of Agriculture had a really cool set up with lots of products to taste and buy - wines, cheeses, meats, milk...very fun! 

Even had some farm animals, vegetable patches, and bees ​​

Was a stormy day - loved the view ​​

This is the Parisian equivalent of malabar hill police station. If only ours was quarter as nice...

Live performances! Caught quite a few different ones 

​[wpvideo R93FcGp6]​​​​[wpvideo 8XVR1YXG]​

This is the room in which France decides to go to war, since napoléon! :D 

In other news of Saturday, I visited Madame de Valence who is one of my neighbours. An old woman in a wheelchair with plenty of energy and vivacity. She's visited India 20 times, traversing most of its states, puts my knowledge of the country to shame really. She gifted me a book she wrote/translated. She was a journalist. We talked for over an hour - was a lovely afternoon! 

After some more heritage, I made this spectacular salad at home. You might be bored of my food stories, but really they're the best adventures. Grilled peaches, Rucola, Italian ham, Spanish tomatoes, and a big boule of Burrata, balsamic reduction. Heaven! 

An intern friend invited me to a really fun night out. We met at this old bus station converted to a beach bar and dance (literally, there's several feet deep of sand). Disco music and swing dancing. Was super chouette! 

Sunday was math and naps. And today it's autumn, and there's boots and scarves outdoors! A tout! 

A Different Diversity

We've all grown up being told that India is one of the most diverse lands on the planet. Indeed I cannot dispute the plethora of languages, landscapes, cuisines, colours, beliefs...our country is a colourful one. 

But if you were to walk onto the platform of Dadar station with white skin and blonde hair, there's no doubt you'd be ogled, that every passerby would sum you up, invent a mental story for your prescence there, wonder how confused and lost you are bound to be, and then if you're lucky, move on, if not, continue to stare. 

I stand every morning at the platform at Saint Lazare, and the diversity strikes me as much vaster. To my left are two classically French men in suits with hair well past grey, wide waists and an old school briefcase. On my right stands a woman of obvious dark-skinned African origin talking heatedly into her phone in rapid French. On the opposite platform there's a young almond eyed Asian student, book in hand, headphones on ears, swaying to the music. Some Hispanic boys to her left are messing around happily with each other. I get onto the train and there's an Indian college student on board, reading a French newspaper. At the next stop a Sri Lankan (or Indian or Pakistani) gets on. By the time I'm at work I've crossed paths also with Lebanon, Brazil, Portugal, Iran...

And nobody is noticing! All of us just blend into one Parisian background. 

India might have diversity within itself, but Paris to me is a far truer motley of people across origins and cultures, whose individuality culminates into one language, lifestyle and community. It's another type of wonder - how they integrated into one society. 

But ponderings aside, here's my update on Paris and packaging:

There was quite a bit of work this week. Suddenly we had to do the eklore website, and when I say we I mean me, because nobody else knew how to. Start to finish did that website in 2 days (one day and two half days). I was mentally exhausted. Four break-point responsive site with about 15 pages and a crazy number of image assets. More banners, more edits, social media, etc for them. 

Another Palmolive project. It was low on creativity, but high on photoshop. And after the website it was nice to have that, relaxing. 

Marcos quit on Monday, Wednesday was his last day. That was really sad for the office. Everyone was just down today...especially Haleh who came back from holiday today and couldn't even say goodbye. 

His Le Slip Français project got handed over to me. Concept wise it's in its last stages, adaptations and creation wise in its primary stage. It's been nice to be making 'maquettes' because it's a nice break from the screen. But I wish the package was a little more...aspirational. 

I have no update on Paris from this weekend, because I spent the entirety of it, literally the entirety, at my desk doing math. 

Yesterday I decided to walk home from office. Just. It's just under 4 kilometres and was going wonderfully, and when I was less than ten minutes from home Janani called 'I'm at Tuileries. Want to meet me?'  It was a thirty minute walk away and I was having a great time so I said sure. 

Ten minutes into my direction change, the skies let loose. I was soaked, as was Janani by the time I met her. We went to deux maggots, but then over to my place. Black daal rice and wine while it thundered and poured outside. Felt so much like home. 

Here's a group photo from last night out 

That's a wrap for now. A tout!