Amsterdam, Paris and other wonderful things 

I really don’t know why people don’t like Parisians. I’m sitting here in a littl artisan boulangerie with a cup of coffee and waiting (because hello slow Friday afternoons!). And the girl at the counter greets everyone personally, asks specific things about their lives and holidays and family…it’s like any city! Pockets of small town life and avenues of big town blue. 


Going back a little (lot) though. Amsterdam last to last weekend was spectacular. 

I spent the first evening at the Van Gogh museum after a very leisurely stroll and burgers avec Cava fizz fizz fizz. The museum is brilliant – I’m more a fan of the exhibition design than his paintings really. They’d picked fantastic wall colours to complement his art, easy flow of the rooms – no confusion or feeling lost, clean wall typography…very refreshing! 

Next of course, Saturday morning, was a trip out to Zaanse Shan. Windmills! We got super lucky because the windmills were running – saw wood logs being chopped, flour being ground…

​[wpvideo 3Wod3tAa]​
We did the requisite trip to a Gouda factory, and some shopping. Of course we did IKEA 😉

Design in Amsterdam is great! Even the little things are done so well – shop signs, leather…amazing! 

Passed a shop with that on the door. You know he’s living the good life. Wonder if I could try that at work? 


Back in town, my first five day week at work. Didn’t feel all that long though. 

Doodled a lot, and I mean A LOT at office because work was slow (or according to Stephanie, I’m fast). 

Sanex goes on, as did a few brands in between. The stack of print outs on my desk is getting precariously high, but I’m gonna see how long I can keep it going. 

Went out for lunch with Marco and Haleh twice! That was really fun, they’re super nice. We chatted, lunched slowly…I could get used to a routine like this (Yan – 30 minutes of lunch at college won’t suffice after you send us off to these places). 

Did dinner with my landlord on Wednesday. Was quite interesting – he spent two years interning in India around my age. I think he knows more of India in his visits since than I do really, but he has some great stories. He’s just started making wine too, so we drank one of his first bottles, from Provence. 

My uncle was visiting Paris on Thursday (he’s a parisien who lives in London). Met him for coffee. I’ll admit I felt ever so parisien upon that. He spent the time teaching me how to ‘really’ pronounce ‘U’ and ‘R’. 

Thursday was birthday time! (Not mine, a friend here, Janani). Baked her a cake in the morning, we celebrated in the evening. That was nice! 

Friday was a half day at work!…like every Friday! (Yan, you’re reading right?). I went over to Levallois in the evening, hung around till Yash got free, and visited his office (Minale Design Strategy). Pretty cool, especially their book collection and annual summer party, but psst…I like my office better…shhh

Trudged all the way out to Saint Germain en Laye that evening, last stop of RER A. I was not really feelin upto the trip but I was supposed to meet a family that knows a family we know in Bombay there (Indians really!). Am SO glad I went though – I loved the Chambons (the family). The parents are wonderful, and they have three children (22,20,17) the younger two of whom I met. We ate what I suppose is a typical French summer dinner out on the patio, and then chatted and played chess indoors. Was my favourite event in the week. 

Again I repeat – introduce me to a mean French person? Cause I ain’t met any. 

It’s ONLY Wednesday 

The weekend was slow. Did some home decorating 🙂 

Went to a very very cool ‘play’ exhibition on Saturday. They had a tubular TT table. 

And even cooler, some ingenious algorithm. You could scan sketches and it auto generated anchor points and created an animation of it which it projected onto the ceiling. I WANT that piece of code. It recognised wings as wings and feet as feet…:o 

Work has been super busy this week. Complete redesigns for Sanex, a lot of options to make. 

That’s the design room at office when everyone is out for lunch. 

I’ve made good friends with the interns here. So it’s always a good time! And the design team is like I already said, very fun international and friendly. 

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday, really should be Friday. But time…it goes by so slowly. 

Until then, this cafe creme is getting cold.