A slow week

Stephanie left for a holiday Friday evening, and it’s like my task list left with her. She’d listed some things I had to do, but I wrapped those up on Monday. 

I’ve had small things to do after that. Change titles or small labels, create mock ups, simulate glass (look at that conversion. Felt so cool)

No camera no blender, just a lot of layers on Adobe Photoshop. 

The week really has been slow though, I go out on the terrace just for a stroll often. Been a bit caught trying to open a bank account here. 

Deborah at work got engaged! That’s fun. She discusses rings and dresses and venues all the time now. 

So one of the guys at office, works here, is a tattoo artist, runs a garage, is in a band and this week he decided to repaint the giant shoe downstairs at office

Waiting to see what that turns out like! I feel like painting. Maybe I will at home. 

My culinary adventurous continue – ate really good Japanese in Paris, made Mexican chilli burritos and a fresh cherry tomato reduction sauce (that even sounds cool). Margot, an intern, is going to bring a traditional white meat dish of France one day – waiting on that! Ate bavette at a local bistro with the design team. 

The only thing that’s a pain is having this at the end of a meal (invited the intuit.lab Mumbai group in Paris for dinner) 

Hoping to have more work at office next week! 

But until then…