A Different Diversity

We’ve all grown up being told that India is one of the most diverse lands on the planet. Indeed I cannot dispute the plethora of languages, landscapes, cuisines, colours, beliefs…our country is a colourful one. 

But if you were to walk onto the platform of Dadar station with white skin and blonde hair, there’s no doubt you’d be ogled, that every passerby would sum you up, invent a mental story for your prescence there, wonder how confused and lost you are bound to be, and then if you’re lucky, move on, if not, continue to stare. 

I stand every morning at the platform at Saint Lazare, and the diversity strikes me as much vaster. To my left are two classically French men in suits with hair well past grey, wide waists and an old school briefcase. On my right stands a woman of obvious dark-skinned African origin talking heatedly into her phone in rapid French. On the opposite platform there’s a young almond eyed Asian student, book in hand, headphones on ears, swaying to the music. Some Hispanic boys to her left are messing around happily with each other. I get onto the train and there’s an Indian college student on board, reading a French newspaper. At the next stop a Sri Lankan (or Indian or Pakistani) gets on. By the time I’m at work I’ve crossed paths also with Lebanon, Brazil, Portugal, Iran…

And nobody is noticing! All of us just blend into one Parisian background. 

India might have diversity within itself, but Paris to me is a far truer motley of people across origins and cultures, whose individuality culminates into one language, lifestyle and community. It’s another type of wonder – how they integrated into one society. 

But ponderings aside, here’s my update on Paris and packaging:

There was quite a bit of work this week. Suddenly we had to do the eklore website, and when I say we I mean me, because nobody else knew how to. Start to finish did that website in 2 days (one day and two half days). I was mentally exhausted. Four break-point responsive site with about 15 pages and a crazy number of image assets. More banners, more edits, social media, etc for them. 

Another Palmolive project. It was low on creativity, but high on photoshop. And after the website it was nice to have that, relaxing. 

Marcos quit on Monday, Wednesday was his last day. That was really sad for the office. Everyone was just down today…especially Haleh who came back from holiday today and couldn’t even say goodbye. 

His Le Slip Français project got handed over to me. Concept wise it’s in its last stages, adaptations and creation wise in its primary stage. It’s been nice to be making ‘maquettes’ because it’s a nice break from the screen. But I wish the package was a little more…aspirational. 

I have no update on Paris from this weekend, because I spent the entirety of it, literally the entirety, at my desk doing math. 

Yesterday I decided to walk home from office. Just. It’s just under 4 kilometres and was going wonderfully, and when I was less than ten minutes from home Janani called ‘I’m at Tuileries. Want to meet me?’  It was a thirty minute walk away and I was having a great time so I said sure. 

Ten minutes into my direction change, the skies let loose. I was soaked, as was Janani by the time I met her. We went to deux maggots, but then over to my place. Black daal rice and wine while it thundered and poured outside. Felt so much like home. 

Here’s a group photo from last night out 

That’s a wrap for now. A tout!